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The Best International Courier Service in Singapore for your Parcel

Find the Fastest Courier Service in Singapore

If you’re looking for an international courier but are uncertain who to choose from the myriad options, we have some great news for you – you don’t have to!

Finding You Courier Services, International or Local

Priority Mail Express will find you the best value or quickest priority courier service, and our deliveries are guaranteed. Whether you’re sending documents to the USA or shipping a birthday gift to relatives in Europe or beyond, our high-speed couriers are second to none. We ship worldwide as well as domestic, so just let us know a few details and we’ll come up with a competitive quote instantly.

Which is the Best International Courier?

We ship parcels via big names including FedEx, S&R Express, Aramex and UPS. For courier services that deliver on their promises, you can trust these top companies. We will do all that tedious comparison work to find the best service for you. It’s quick, simple and easy.

International Commerce

In a rapidly changing world where the import and export of goods are more international than ever, choosing the right courier service is paramount. We offer the best rates, our staff are always willing to help and we use only the most reliable shipping firms and provide full customs documentation. We know that your customers have a day and time in mind for receiving your deliveries and don’t want to wait all day in the hope that a courier turns up.

For professional, end-to-end service in Singapore, Priority Mail Express is the best service to connect you with the world. Why not open an account with us today?

Simple Pricing by Weight

We won’t quibble about the size or shape of the packaging. Our pricing doesn’t depend on the size of your parcel but on its absolute weight. This means we can ensure your goods are safely packaged for worldwide shipping and transit, without worrying about how bulky the parcels become. Priority Mail Express ensures your goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Drop off your Package and Let Us do the Rest

Here’s how we operate:

  1. First bring your parcel into one of our stores with the due date, destination, point of origin address, and any necessary item details (whether it is fragile, for instance).
  2. We have all the packaging materials you need in-store, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping or securing your parcel, although you can do so if you choose.
  3. Provide us with the details of your shipment. We will give you quotations on the various options at hand, including the number of days we expect each option to take.
  4. We will complete any paperwork or forms related to customs requirements or other logistics.
  5. You can purchase additional insurance for your goods, depending on their value.
  6. We will have your parcel securely wrapped, labelled and tracked from point of origin to final destination. You’ll receive a receipt allowing you to check the progress of your delivery via one of our approved global courier services. Get regular updates online, by text or by email.
  7. The whole procedure is quick, efficient and ensures your parcels are sent promptly, by the fastest possible means, depending on what you need. We’ll manage the whole process for you, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

Gifts Make All the Difference

Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, good news, festivals and holidays, thank you gifts… All of these occasions are great opportunities to connect with the ones you love. Show your appreciation for those you may be separated from by many miles, by sending a surprise gift, or ensuring your treat arrives when it is most appreciated. We know that time is of the essence and will offer you the options that work for you at a rate you’ll love.

Tell us how many days your parcel must arrive in. We’ll take the uncertainty of gift-giving away. We’ll securely package, fill, close, label and send your item so that it arrives in perfect condition. Whether large or small, heavy or light, just let us know any time constraints you may have and we’ll get that gift there on time.

International Business Service

Whether you run a domestic or international business, you rely on your suppliers to deliver on their promises. Why not subscribe to our high volume commerce service, and get set up with an account today to ensure your customers get the shipments they need and expect?

Since DHL, United and FedEx deliver from Singapore to 220 countries worldwide, we can manage your business or personal delivery, wherever you’re sending it. Our rates are highly competitive and with full tracking tools available on our website, you can be certain our couriers meet your business needs.

We’ll handle all the transit logistics, deliver on the specified day and offer quick solutions to any potential customs problems or anticipated delays. With five of the world’s best-known couriers to draw upon, we have all the international resources you need to operate a global business.

We’ll make sure your preferences are met and we’ll always go above and beyond to deliver the option the best serves you and your customers.

Economy Service to the USA and Europe

Since we regularly make deliveries from Singapore to America and Europe, we can offer you our great value economy service, which takes just 1-2 weeks from collection to drop off. You need not compromise on cost or speed, using our economy service.

Look out for other offers too, here on our website.

Open at Three Outlets in Central Singapore

Find us in Singapore at Orchard Market, Raffles Place Market or Downtown Market. We chose these convenient locations so you can easily add mailing your package to your regular shopping trip.

You can also get a quote online. Just input the weight, destination, dimensions, type of goods, and we will figure out the rest.

Track Your Shipment

Two clicks on our website take you through to our couriers’ delivery tracking portals. There you’ll get the tools you need to track the progress of your deliveries and check the due date and time. You may also call our offices and we’ll ensure your packages get there when they are due.

What We Cannot Ship

For legal reasons we are not able to accept the following:

Money, Fresh Produce including durian and bak kwa, perfume, aerosols, power banks and portable chargers, nor any prohibited goods including explosives, firearms or illegal drugs. You must declare if your package contains electrical items or batteries.

Visit us at Priority Mail Express now!

Our international delivery service is assured and we will courier your parcels to over 220 countries with delivery track facilities, special offers, for a price you’ll like.

We pride ourselves on being:

  • reliable – we’ll deliver on our promises
  • friendly – we’ll do all we can to help
  • positive – we believe the adage that the customer is always right
  • flexible – we’ll deliver your package, regardless of the size, day, countries of origin and delivery
  • comprehensive – we’ll handle customs requirements, packaging, labelling and everything else
  • great value – we ship for rates you’ll love

We ship to the following countries: Australia, China, Germany, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom and the USA. We’ve also recently added Indonesia to our list too!

Why not explore our website for any special offers, or drop by into one of our Singapore stores? If you need packaging supplies, we’ve got you covered too. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a message via WhatsApp, we’ll be more than glad to assist!

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Contact us via SMS or whatsApp

Orchard +65 8809 6136
Raffles   +65 8181 0932

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