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Your Guide to Cheap and Efficient Courier Services in Singapore

Your Guide to Cheap and Efficient Courier Services in Singapore

When you think about the term “shipping”, you probably think about other terms like “e-commerce”, “package”, “delivery” and “courier”. And with things on the pricier side nowadays, there’s always a constant demand for courier services in Singapore that are both affordable and reliable.

Want to know how Priority Mail Express covers all those requirements that you expect from a courier service in Singapore? Read on to find out more on how we can deliver (literally)!

We Collaborate with Many Courier Service Providers in Singapore!

At Priority Mail Express, we work alongside some of the cheapest and best courier services around Singapore! Have you heard of FedEx, UPS, Aramex or DHL? You’re in luck because we have an existing collaboration with them! Rest assured that your important parcels and packages are in good hands with our well-renowned courier service providers.

If you’re looking for a courier service that ships internationally at affordable prices, Priority Mail Express has some of the cheapest rates around in Singapore so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to send something out of the country.

Can’t decide which courier service to use? Let us decide for you.

Courier Vs Delivery Service: What’s The Difference?

You may have wondered: what are the differences between a courier service and a delivery service? Aren’t they the same thing?

Essentially, they can be looked at the same because they’re meant to do the same thing which is to have an item sent from one place to another. However, one of the many key differences between the two is the time factor.

Standard delivery services are usually non-urgent and will take some time to reach from one destination to another. Usually, the areas of delivery and delivery time are already pre-determined. Standard delivery services can also be cheaper, which are ideal services for e-commerce sellers who would like to save cost on shipping orders to their customers, local or international. Most businesses like restaurants are given the flexibility to choose when and where to do deliveries. The fees that delivery services charge can also vary, especially businesses that do personal deliveries.

Courier services are understood as an “on-demand” delivery service as it runs in a more timely manner and is usually used by customers who want to ensure their package or document gets sent on time. Courier services are also privately-owned companies that can have different services. Some may provide same-day delivery or next day delivery, to providing international shipping like standard delivery services. Courier service providers also have more modes of transportation and can dispatch their workers to send items to different areas, ensuring timeliness. The customer service of courier service providers is also usually better than standard delivery services!

Other notable differences between courier services and delivery services in Singapore may include:

  • Easy tracking: Courier services usually use modern, technologically advanced features to ensure that customers can do real-time tracking of their shipments anytime, anywhere compared to standard delivery services.
  • Cost: Courier services are usually more expensive than standard delivery services as it requires more manpower. Nevertheless, they can still be affordable! Many companies actually receive exclusive discounts from courier service providers through collaboration agreements. If you ever wondered why your shipping is not that expensive when you buy something from an e-commerce platform, that’s because there’s an agreement between the e-commerce company and courier services!
  • Availability: Most courier services have their customer services reachable at any time of the day and week. If you encounter any problem, just give them a call!

Need Door-to-Door Delivery Services? No problem!

Especially for people who are thinking of sending parcels and bulky items from Singapore to Indonesia, Priority Mail Express also works with JPK Cargo to provide door-to-door delivery services to your loved ones in Indonesia.

In Singapore, our team at Priority Mail Express will deliver your desired box size and collect it from your doorstep. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll send it over! You literally do not need to step one foot out of your house. No need to ask the receiver to step out of their home to collect the shipment; JPK Cargo takes care of everything in Indonesia for you.

Bid goodbye to the days where you need to run to the nearest office to collect and send your shipment – save time with our hassle-free door-to-door delivery services at Priority Mail Express!

Enjoy Cheap Shipping Rates with Our All-Inclusive Prices

Shipping items locally and overseas can be daunting, especially when you have to worry about the weight of the items which can influence the pricing of shipping. No need to worry about that here at Priority Mail Express; all our prices are fixed so that you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs.

At Priority Mail Express, we believe that weight should not stop you from getting something delivered. In fact, we want to provide all our customers good and reliable service that ensures that all parcels, documents, packages… whatever we ship meet our customers’ expectations of good service.

How do we ensure that we meet the demand for cheap shipping rates in Singapore? We charge based on a “box size” basis; all you need to do is purchase your desired box size from us that fit your needs and pay the fixed rate!

If you need to collect something off from your home but do not have the time to do so, Priority Mail Express also offers flexible mailbox service options where you can just drop or pick up from one of our centrally located locations! With a starting price of only $3 for small parcels and letters, you can send your items over to us at our office and we’ll inform you of collection when they arrive.

Our Shipping Limitations: What We Cannot Send

Although our services are exceptionally reliable with great customer service, there are also limitations to what we can send and what we cannot send. This is because of the customs laws that we have to strictly adhere to.

Some of the items that we CANNOT accept and ship include:

  • Money
  • Fresh produce (bak kwa, fruits, dairy products, etc)
  • Aerosols (perfumes)
  • Certain electronic items (batteries, powerbanks, etc)
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Drugs

Please declare it to us if your shipment includes any electronic items or batteries in your package!

Send Your Documents with Priority Mail Express Now!

We sincerely hope that you have been convinced to use our courier services here at Priority Mail Express Singapore! With our collaborations with some of the biggest service providers out there, all deliveries made under our name will be safe and securely sent so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

From tracking to packaging, we ensure that every customer leaves satisfied and comes back for our services. Currently, our reliable courier services can be found in THREE locations throughout Singapore – near Orchard MRT, Raffles Place MRT and Downtown MRT. If you’re on the way somewhere and need to drop your shipments off, just drop by at of our locations and you can be on your way right after!

If you’d like a quote, you can get it online on our site as well! Just input the details needed and a quotation will be generated for you immediately.

We also ship worldwide to many countries, like AustraliaChinaGermanyIndiaSouth KoreaNew Zealand, the PhilippinesUnited Kingdom and the USA at affordable prices.

Feel free to get in touch with us by giving us a call or shooting us a message via WhatsApp and we’ll be happy to provide any support that you need.

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