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Mailbox Service — Your Virtual office


For busy people, and people on-the-go

Working from coffee shops and shared work spaces ? Can’t be home to wait for your package delivery?
For a minimal fee, We are able to receive them for you, and you just collect from our office when you’re ready . We have 2 locations , centrally located , at Orchard Road , and at the Raffles Place CBD area, both accessible from the MRT stations. Have your parcels or letters delivered to us on your behalf and we will Inform you when it arrives. Price starts at $3 for letters and small parcels.

We are also a Collection and Drop-off point for the Park N Parcel app.

or call / Whatsapp +65 8809 6136

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Contact us via SMS or whatsApp

Orchard +65 8809 6136
Raffles   +65 8181 0932

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