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Air Freight Singapore: How Much Does It Cost?

Air Freight Singapore How Much Does It Cost

You’ve probably heard about shipping and airmail. You’ve probably even seen a building that says Air Cargo” when you land on the airport runway but did you actually know that there is a specific term for it?

Air freight is also known as air cargo, where shipments are sent from one place through another by air. If you want to get something shipped quickly in express mode globally, it’s usually by air freight. It is commonly understood that this mode of transportation of goods is one of the most efficient in the world. They work in the same way as flying passengers too – the logistic companies and airlines fly the same gateways and routes as commercial airlines do.

The term can also refer to the cost of shipping goods internationally. As “freight” refers to the amount paid for the transportation of goods, air freight means the price you pay for shipping goods by air.

Advantages of Air Freight

Most of the world’s shipments go through sea freight, as it is usually cheaper but takes a longer time. If you have a global shipment that needs to be transported fast and arrive within a few days, shipping by air would be your best bet. Sea freight can take up to weeks or months to arrive because of the slow speed that the ocean liners are travelling at, however air freight is at least 30 times faster than that.

Air freight is also more reliable than sea freight due to the ability to actively track where your shipment is at any time, anywhere. Many cargo companies like DHL and FedEx incorporate the latest technology into their services so that their customers have access to see when and where their shipment is at any point in time.

Air freight is also less susceptible to damages compared to shipments by sea. Because it takes so much longer to receive your shipment by sea, there’s also that risk of losing it due to piracy or other natural causes.

What Goods Can Be Shipped?

Goods that are shipped by air freight are normally small, high-value or time-sensitive items. As with ocean liners, the weight, size and height of the shipment must be taken to account. Shipping by air is more expensive than sea freight, therefore people tend to refer to air freight when their shipments include items like:

  • Electronics – computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals – medications, vaccines, etc.
  • Important documents
  • Seasonal shipments – clothes, dried food/snacks, etc.

Perishables like fresh fruit, meat, dairy, plants and potential hazards such as batteries and power banks are strictly not allowed.

How Much Does Shipping By Air Cost?

The price for air shipping hugely depends on the dimension and weight of the shipments as well as the intended destination. Shipping by air to countries within the Asean region is going to be cheaper compared to shipping to the USA or Europe.

The time frame of when you want your shipment to arrive also influences the cost. A next-day delivery is going to cost you more than a 2-day delivery. There are also other factors that play into the cost that you pay to ship something by air, such as:

  • Fuel costs
  • Airport transfers
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Security surcharges

Most air freight services also offer door-to-door services to make it more convenient for their customers, which includes cargo insurance and even pick-up and delivery. Therefore, even though it can be a lot more expensive, the reliability of the service and the number of people travelling each year ultimately influences the demand and supply chain of the logistics industry – more planes are needed to transport goods and passengers back and forth.

Ship Your Documents and Parcels By Air with Priority Mail Express Today!

Deciding on which logistics company to ship with can be a headache, especially when you lack knowledge and experience in shipping. Not to worry though, just ship your documents and parcels with Priority Mail Express!

Priority Mail Express provides the most affordable air freight services in Singapore that offers every customer of ours the best prices. Whether you’re shipping something for a loved one or intending to move overseas, we can provide you with all the information you need to know. Just let us know of the weight, dimensions and descriptions of the items that you’re intending to ship and we’ll send you a quotation with the best price estimate.

We also provide all our customers parcel tracking services so that your shipments can be tracked at any time, anywhere. Just input the tracking number into the tracking portals of the courier company and you’ll be able to access the latest status update on your deliveries.

We also ship worldwide to many countries, like AustraliaChinaGermanyIndiaSouth KoreaNew Zealand, the PhilippinesUnited Kingdom and the USA. All at affordable prices too!

For any further information and enquiries, you may also give us a quick call at any of our offices or leave a message via WhatsApp and our friendly team will update and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to click on our website to check out any exciting offers too!

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