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Parcel Delivery & Courier Services: What Should I Expect?

Deliver your parcels to anywhere in Singapore

All you need to know about Priority Mail Express Singapore’s courier service in under 10 minutes.

Do you find parcel delivery confusing?

What about same-day delivery?

Is there a difference between courier services?

Perhaps you’re wondering if instant delivery is an actual thing…

We’re here to give you a crash course on our services and how we can help you with all your courier needs in Singapore and beyond!

What exactly is a parcel delivery?

Whether it is instant delivery, deciding between courier companies, right down to delivery services, we got all your concerns covered.

In general, parcel delivery caters to smaller-scale logistics such as online shops and individuals. Often, these parcels refer to smaller packages with less weight. However, the value of the product varies between customers and their purchase(s).

Priority Mail Express delivery coverage extends across Southeast Asia with trusted delivery partners. Our courier service also includes global and domestic deliveries.

We take our commitment to our customers very seriously. Here’s how we fulfil your delivery needs :

Safe Delivery For Your Parcels with PME Singapore

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door Courier Service Singapore

Want to deliver your parcels but are concerned about your health and safety?

Couriers in Singapore can pick up your parcels right from your doorstep, to anywhere in Singapore!

International shipping from Singapore

International shipping remains an on-demand form of delivery.

We understand how important it is for you to receive and out parcels across the globe.

Here at Priority Mail Express Singapore, we offer professional and efficient services for all clients.

Rest assured that we will find the quickest route to meet your delivery demand.

Priority Mail Express Singapore guarantees a swift delivery process:

Our website offers updated and user-friendly browser services for you to track your international parcels anytime.

In addition, we keep our prices affordable for the quality service.

All prices are subjected to the weight rather than the size of the parcel – how great is that?

Our international delivery service is partnered with these exceptional businesses:

  1. FedEx
  2. DHL Express
  3. Aramex
  4. SD Express
  5. UPS

A respective courier company will be assigned according to your international delivery needs.

To find out about international shipping, click here for more information.

Which delivery services should I choose?

Clients and customers expect different needs and deliveries.

Ranging from a reliable courier service to deliver small packages such as a birthday gift, delicious food or office documents, choosing the right mode of delivery can make a tremendous difference!

Let’s figure out which services best suit your needs based on the content of your parcels:

Personal document and urgent business’ folders/files

Delivery driver proceeding to the respective address

Our courier company, Priority Mail Express, would recommend door to door delivery.

Don’t worry, our delivery progress remains systematic regardless of the demand, parcel size, quantity – you name it.

Courier businesses will pick up your documents at your door or office and ensure quick delivery to the receiving company or customer.

Luckily for you, Priority Mail Singapore guarantees packages to be delivered at your door.

Domestic parcels in Singapore

Deliver your parcels to anywhere in Singapore right from your door

What brings more joy than sending and receiving a gift? Managing an online shop and in need of a driver to pick up your goods?

Door-to-door delivery service is the recommended option by all couriers.

All you have to do is share the following details:

  1. Sender information (name, phone number, address with postal code)
  2. Recipient information (name, phone number, address with postal code
  3. Parcel information (weight, description and size)

International shipping from Singapore

We offer reliable, affordable and quick delivery to anywhere you choose from Singapore.

Did you know that Priority Mail Express offers international delivery services for customers and their demand for the following:

  1. Balikbayan box (door-to-door available)
  2. Jawa Paket Kilat (door-to-door available)

Balikbayan box

One of Singapore’s most popular delivery services due to its demand!

Did you know that there is a rough estimate of 200,000 Filipinos employed and working in Singapore?

Another fun fact is that Priority Mail Express offers sea and air freight delivery to the Philippines!

To have your balikbayan box delivered, we are committed to ensuring the fastest and easiest service. Our balikbayan box delivery is guaranteed to be affordable – trust us, the price makes sense.

Regardless if you have many smaller items or large items packed in the parcel you’re delivering; we will do our best to provide you with a budget-friendly cost and world-class service!

Customers may decide between air and sea freight for the most cost-efficient delivery.

For more information, click here.

Jawa Paket Kilat

No weight limit, inclusive prices – do you know what that means?

You can save money by delivering with Priority Mail Express!

Our delivery service extends to Indonesia with door-to-door courier delivery services!

Once again, all you have to do is provide the respective information and we will pick up your parcel:

  1. Sender information in Singapore (name, phone number, address with postal code)
  2. Recipient information in Indonesia (name, phone number, address with postal code
  3. Parcel information (weight, description and size)

Prices for Jawa Paket Kilat delivery varies from one parcel to another. For more information, click here.

But why did my parcel arrive so late?

Late deliveries can be so frustrating and annoying. We totally get you.

However, some late deliveries are subjected to the following:

  1. Wrong document details (such as spelling errors in address)
  2. The driver has to recollect or resend items (often due to damaged goods along transit)
  3. Technical difficulties on the third party’s website (unable to log into your account on the online shop, unable to view your track details, customer service not working)
  4. High volume of delivery and urgent package (often required to be delivered the next day)

What can I do to prevent this?

Selecting a reliable, affordable and trustworthy courier company is crucial.

Priority Mail Express, based in Singapore, promises customer satisfaction and effective cost for our exceptional services.

Head over to our website for more details to find out more about the following:

  1. Customer service
  2. How to pay for our services
  3. Access your tracking number

And so much more!

Contact us today for more details.

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